Quantity and quality surveys as Independent Inspector for loading / discharging of Crude Oil, Petroleum Products, LPG, Mineral Oil and Chemicals.inspection2_grande_900x450

Additional support services such as :

Pre Shipment Inspection

Government audit Reporting to Government bodies prior to export, ensuring that correct methodology in assessing both quantity and quality is adopted and reported by the independent surveyors.Inspectors

 Tank cleaning

Our presence onboard, producing an efficient wash program, can reduce down time of the vessel, whilst maximizing the vessels washing capabilities.


Crude Oil Washing supervisioninspection1_petite500x400

We can assist on the vessel too to evaluate and implement with the vessel an effective C.O.W procedure to eradicate or minimize any ROB.


Draft survey

A draft survey is a means of determining the weight of any materials being loaded into (or discharged from) a vessel. IMS experienced and highly qualified professionals can conduct a draft survey on your behalf and produce an independent draft survey report.


Bunker surveyinspection_DraftSurvey_775x300

When buying fuel, you need to know that the ship receives the amount of fuel purchased. Through bunker quantity surveys and routine quality analysis, as well as further specialized analyses, IMS supports you through the procurement, delivery and use of marine fuel.

A bunker and conditional survey of a vessel is a key component used when establishing and documenting the condition of a vessel. Done when ownership changes or when a time charter is arranged, it protects your interests and investment.

Cargo dying and treatmentinspection_CARGO_TREATMENT_400x163

IMS offers specialist product blending services to help you make the best use of the raw materials available on the market and maintain the highest quality for your petroleum products.

Through our cargo treatment services we supply specialist additive services to correct deficiencies that can affect cargo handling, safety and contractual obligations.