Loss Control

Loss2_petite600x300Worldwide coverage, IMS representing the seller or buyer during loading and/or discharging operations. This type of mission being principally based on the Quantity and Quality aspect on the ship and shore side.


Our professionals are able to eradicate or minimize financial losses, due to actual or potential physical losses, cargo quality or demurrage claims.


Loss3_grande1170Superintendent attendance onboard the vessel or terminal throughout the entire load, discharge or STS operation. Evaluating and identifying areas of risk / potential losses, either physical or apparent Pro active and incisive actions to protect, prevent or minimize commercial losses to our principals, whether it be physical cargo, demurrage claims or ethical reputation.

Rapid response to inform principals of any unpredictable event, liaising directly with clients.



Evaluate and implement with the vessel an effective C.O.W procedure to eradicate or minimize any ROB. Remain onsite, negotiating, witnessing of Analytical analysis within terminal or 3rd party laboratories.Loss4_grande_1170